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Commercial ZipDoor® Kit

Seals any doorway in under a minute

The new ZipDoor™ kit is a great way to create a dust barrier when all you need to seal is the doorway. One person can install it in under a minute. You ll save hours on jobs with lots of doors like commercial office space, hotels, hospitals, and more. The savings can really add up.


    • Pays for itself in time savings
    • For commercial doors up to 4' x 8', flame retardant
    • Made from 4 mil flame retardant plastic sheeting
    • Two heavy duty zippers pre-installed
    • Includes new ZipWall™ double-sided tape
    • Can be repositioned easily for up to 1 hour
    • Ideal for RRP requirements

Our zippers are glued-on for maximum sheer strength and durability. A stitched-on zipper can fail if pulled sharply or tugged because the stitching creates a perforation.

To attach the ZipDoor™ we invented a very special double-sided tape. One side of our ZipWall™ tape is like traditional painter's tape. It's gentle on painted surfaces. The other side was designed to hold plastic sheeting. Importantly, it lets you reposition the ZipDoor™ for up to an hour before fully bonding to the plastic.

Includes: one 4' x 8' ZipDoor™ and 1 roll of ZipWall™ double-sided tape. Two Heavy Duty-zippers are pre-installed on the ZipDoor™.

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Weight1.4 lbs
Dimensions12 × 9 × 3 in

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