XRide 28

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The X Ride 28 is a 28” rider carpet extractor that can be purchased with a Chemical Free Solution option that generates ozone to sanitize, deodorize and purify. The X Ride is capable of cleaining large carpeted areas quickly and efficiently while the operator rides in comfort. It's quick one pass cleaning, scrubs and vacuums up water. The X Ride covers up to 9,060 sq. ft. per hour (842 m²). The Large Solution and Recovery tanks allow for less time filling or emptying while its small, compact design allows for cleaning even in tight spaces. Off-aisle wand allows for cleaning where the machine cannot go.

Key Features:
  • Cylindrical scrubbing action cleans both sides of the carpet fiber
  • 27 gallon solution tank and 24.5 gallon recovery tank
  • Two nozzle modes : Interim – 1/2 gallon per minute @ 50psi and Restorative – 1 gallon per minute @ 100psi
  • Convenient drain port for recovery tank clean-out
  • When the on-board charger is plugged in, the machine is not operable
  • Off-aisle recovery wand and 25 foot of hose mounted on-board
  • AGM maintenance-free battery pack

Ease of Use:

  • Easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is simple to operate
  • Compact, ride-on design results in total operator comfort by focusing on ergonomics
  • Sleek design provides an excellent line of sight to the area to be cleaned

Green Features:

  • Sound level
  • AGM maintenance-free batteries
  • Tool free brush removal
  • Easy-to-understand operation controls
  • Ergonomically designed for operator comfort
  • Seat sensor shuts off unit once operator leaves platform
  • On-board vac & solution wand for maximum water pickup

Additional information

Weight1315 lbs
Dimensions70 × 28 × 70 in


Brush Type: Cylindrical
Front Wheels: 3 inch x 10 inch polyurethane
Front Wheels: 3 inch x 10 inch polyurethane
Performance: 9,060 ft2 /hr (842 m²)
Rated Voltage: 36 volts
Rear Wheels: 3 inch x 12 inch soft ride cross hatch
Recovery Capacity: 24.5 Gal (93 liters)
Solution Capacity: 27 Gal (102 liters)
Vacuum Flow: 152 cfm
Vacuum Power: (2) 36 volt 1 HP (745 W)
Vacuum Waterlift: 70 inches
Weight: 1,315lbs (596 kg)
Weight without drive/batteries: 475 lbs (215 kg)