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Quake is the perfect carpet pre-spray and traffic lane cleaner for filthy apartments, rental units, and commercial carpets. It is packed with uncompromising, hard core cleaning chemistry. It will cut through grimy grease and oil and food and beverage spills like they were not even there. It is excellent for emulsifying particulate soils.

The synergistic combination of solvents, surfactants, boosters, and high pH alkaline cleaning agents will quickly remove the toughest soils found in restaurants, apartments, and restoration cleaning jobs. Quake is a super-concentrated pre-spray, and is designed to be used at 1 part solution to 8 to 24 parts water depending upon soiling conditions.

Quake starts to work the second you spray it onto the carpet. As soon as it comes in contact with soil, it emulsifies, suspends, dissolves, and deflocculates even the most stubborn soils. Quake is a powerful carpet pre-spray and traffic lance cleaner that is designed to be used in conjunction with a compatible alkaline extraction detergent or acid/neutralizing rinse.

It is formulated to be used on synthetic carpets, specifically, nylon that have been neglected or require constant cleaning. It has a ready-to-use pH of 12.0 – 12.8, so it is not recommended to be used on warranted residential carpets that have been properly maintained. Quake is low foaming, has a mild fragrance and rinses free of the carpet for low residue cleaning.

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