Injectidry, HP-Plus-FDP, Floor Drying System


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Experience faster drying times for hardwood floors and subfloors with the Injectidry HP-PLUS Floor Drying Package (HP-PLUS-FDP). The Injectidry floor drying package is chock-full of improved features for the water damage restoration professional such as a quieter usage, panel variety, and variable drying capabilities.

Does the Injectidry HP-PLUS-FDP Have a Quiet Operation?

Quell the obnoxious noise associated with water remediation equipment with the Injectidry HP-PLUS silencer. The Injectidry Floor Drying Package takes the harsh, reverberating sounds associated with water restoration equipment and muffles the sounds via the silencer, making this system 50% quieter than the HP60. This reduction in decibels reduces the need for hearing protection and earplugs.

What is Included in the Vac-It Panel Variety Package?

Meeting the needs of any water restoration job, the Injectidry HP-PLUS package comes with several pieces needed to complete any job. Along with quiet operation, the package includes equipment for drying in negative and positive modes. Efficient, variety-sized panels with multi-ports are great for applying consistent pressure and airflow where needed without pressure relief valves. Additionally, the kit is able to dry up to 134 linear feet with 120 CFMs of hot, dry air for hardwoods and other hard floor surfaces.

Some featured equipment pieces include:

  • 1 - Main Air with factory installed quick connects
  • 1 - Main Air Out with factory installed quick connects
  • 1 - 6-foot Air Out Hose
  • 1 - 6-foot Air In Main Hose with inline filter and Main QCT
  • 7 - Quick Connect Panel T's with hosecuffs attached
  • 40 - Soft Tubing Stoppers
  • 1 - Silencer
  • 1 - Vac-It Panel Variety Package

Additional Features

  • No breaker tripping: The Injectidry HP-PLUS Floor Drying Package will never exceed 12 amps, reducing breaker tripping.
  • Efficiency: Designed for improved performance, the package is 20% more efficient than previous models and packages.
  • Made in America: This product is made in the USA.