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An essential component to any water damage restoration professional, the American-made Injectidry Direct It “IN” Universal Airmover Adaptors are capable of moving air into moisture-ridden areas from 17 different ports, allowing air to be placed in different areas at once. These units are great for drying cabinets, walls, baseboards, stairs, and more up to 22-feet.

Universal Fit for Standard Dryers

The Injectidry Universal Airmover Adaptors is designed for most standard airmovers and can be positioned right up to the airmover. Using a strap for stability, the water restoration professional can secure the airmover and adaptor together. This allows the air to be carried through the 17 different ports, which can be moved and positioned for far and wider drying. The axial fan airmover adaptor can also be positioned and anchored together for drying.

Two Different Adaptors – Centrifugal & Axial Fans

The Direct It “IN” adaptors are great accessories for standard centrifugal airmovers and axial airmovers, expanding the drying capability of the airmover via the 17 port holes. They are also easily joined to the airmovers by an anchoring strap.

Injectidry Versatility

Complementary to any water damage restoration equipment, the Injectidry Universal Airmover Adaptors can easily dry cabinets and are essential to drying hardwoods. Designed for universal use with a standard airmover or axial fan, any water damage restoration professional can easily move air into smaller spaces using positive pressure drying. With 17 different ports on the adaptors, professionals can anchor together tubing that directs air in several other areas for maximum drying. Additionally, wall adaptors make it easier to assemble a network of tubes for better drying times.

Additional Features

  • Dry Up to 22 feet: Utilizing the 17 ports, you can easily dry up to 22 feet with the included 150 feet hose line.
  • Carry Bag: Transport and tote around the specialty adaptor with the included carry bag.
  • Universal Fit: Fits most standard airmovers and axial fans.
  • Made in America: Injectidry is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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