IAQ 5000, Stain Blocking Primer, White, 5 Gallons


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Fiberlock IAQ 5000 is a quick drying, high performance 100% acrylic latex coating specifically designed to prime stained or water damaged surfaces. This stain blocking primer provides exceptional adhesion and may be used on interior or exterior surfaces to seal porous surfaces, provide adhesion to hard and glossy surfaces, and prevent most bleeding type stains. It is environmentally friendly, free of lead, mercury, and formaldehyde hazards and complies with all federal and state VOS/VOC requirements. Fiberlock IAQ 5000 is recommended for use on wallboard, plaster, sheetrock, masonry, wood, concrete, aluminum, and galvanized metal.

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Weight 46.25 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 15 in

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