Hydro-Force, CX-15, Carpet Cleaning Tool


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Water pressure between 400-800 PSI power the high-speed spinning action of twin jets to make over 4,000 cleaning passes per minute. Unlike traditional carpet wands, the CX-15 can aggressively clean carpet fibers from multiple directions.

The unique Hydro-Glide glide design at the recovery opening improves water removal and leaves carpets cleaner and dryer than wand or rotary machine cleaning.

In addition to providing the benefits of all angle cleaning, the surprisingly lightweight CX-15 can be carried up stairs with ease, and because there's no rotary rocking action common with rotary machines, you don't have to worry about your technicians dinging walls, knocking over china cabinets, or accidentally scratching wood or stone floors.

The CX-15 can be run with either a portable or truck mount to clean residential and commercial carpets.

Two spray bars are included with the CX-15: a residential bar and a commercial bar. The residential bar uses jets with a wider fan pattern and is angled more than the commercial bar to permit faster rotation speeds at reduced pressures. The commercial bar uses jets with a narrow fan pattern and is angled so that it can be used with pressures up to 800 PSI to blast clean trashed, oily restaurant carpet.

Better Cleaning-
Tool head traps heat for hotter cleaning, rotary jets clean fibers from all sides, and dirt is blasted away at a rate of 4,000 cleaning passes per minute

Faster Drying-
Hydro-Glide and smooth chamber design maximize air flow and velocity

Tool is 20 lbs. compared to a typical 80 lb. electric rotary machine

Rotary powered cleaning at half the price

Easy to Operate-
Clean close to walls and wood floors without having to worry about being called back to fix dings and scratches

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