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Heavy Duty Stone and Tile Cleaning Solution

HydraStone Heavy Duty Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning solution is specially formulated for the heavy duty cleaning of natural stone floors and surfaces, as well as tile and grout floors and walls. Unlike most hard surface cleaners that contain water conditioning agents and harsh solvents that can actually etch and damage a fine stone surface, HydraStone was specifically made to safely and effectively clean stone and tile surfaces.

HydraStone is designed to deep clean and restoratively clean marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate & sandstone as well as ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile & grout. It also works to effectively dissolve and emulsify stubborn soils on masonry and concrete.

HydraStone is designed to be applied as a pre-spray/pretreatment spray to loosen, dissolve, break down and emulsify built-up soiling, and to assist in stain removal. It is the ideal stone and tile cleaner for stone and tile surfaces that have been affected by smoke and soot damage following a fire or furnace puff-back.

HydraStone can be used in conjunction with a rotary hard surface cleaning tool such as a RX20 with hard surface attachments, a stationary hard surface wand, an autoscrubber, or even a mop and rinse system. It leaves the surface squeaky clean and residue free when used as directed.

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