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Premium Stone, Concrete, and Grout Water Based Sealer

HydraSeal Premium Stone, Concrete, and Grout Water Based Sealer preserves and protects the investment in fine floors and surfaces by providing advanced penetrating bonded protection at the molecular level. This bonded protection penetrates deep into porous surfaces and protects against water and oil based spills and stains, chemical degradation, biological growth, and efflorescence, while preserving the natural look of the surface, and not effecting slip resistance.

HydraSeal works best on the most porous surfaces, but is effective on marble, granite, limestone, bluestone, Saltillo, travertine, sandstone, unfinished concrete, and grout lines. HydraSeal can be used as an interior or exterior treatment. It can be used on damp grout, even right after you clean. HydraSeal is vapor permeable so it lets water vapor out, but does not let liquid spills in!

HydraSeal provides four times the level of sealing and protection of “home improvement center” sealers. HydraSeal is the ideal product when applying a clear sealer to grout since it can be sprayed or sponged onto grout lines  and squeegeed or mopped off non-porous ceramic and porcelain tile, and stone;  decreasing the application time.

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