Clean Away Carpet Detergent


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Clean Away Carpet Detergent is a low foam carpet cleaner that is highly concentrated for economical, but effective use in all types of water extraction carpet cleaning equipment.

Use in all Extraction Equipment
Carpet Detergent will not clog spray jets or otherwise interfere with equipment operation. This mild pH formulation is safe for use on most carpets, including stain-resistant 5th generation nylon.

Also, we advise a defoamer be used in the recovery tanks of extraction machines if carpets being cleaned have been previously shampooed or bonnet cleaned. Always pre-test carpet products in an inconspicuous area for fastness prior to general application.

Carpet Detergent contains biodegradable surfactants and water soluble solvents. It does not contain chlorinated solvents, NPE’s butyl, petroleum distillates or free alkali.

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