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BIOPROTECT RTU™  uses patented, EPA Registered technologies to modify surfaces, providing such surfaces with disinfection and durable long term protection that kills and inhibits the growth of problematic bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoans, viruses and other microorganisms that can inhabit many of life’s surfaces. It can give protection for 3 months.

BIOPROTECT RTU is a non-toxicfood-surface safe antimicrobial shield that protects surfaces from microbes such as odor-causing bacteria, algae, fungi (mold and mildew) for your increases health and safety.

BIOPROTECT Ready To Use is effective on hard non-porous washable bathroom and non-food contact kitchen surfaces and fixtures around the home or office. This antimicrobial surface protectant is able to be used on carpets and upholstery to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, bacteria which cause staining and discoloration, and fungi (mold and mildew). For use in a homes to a large school system or businesses in need of inhibiting the growth of bacteria that causes staining and discoloration.

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